“Montolio feels like a much more sinister character to me now as an adult than he did when I was a teenager — the personification of the ugly questions about racism that the Drizzt books keep raising but then never addressing.”

Feathered Dragon

“Just once, I’d like to see Niles write a book with no divine intervention or mystical prophecies in it where someone in the plot has some real agency… but I’m not getting my hopes up.”

Song of the Saurials

“If anything, it feels like more of a slog when grimness isn’t relieved by the occasional dose of humour or sentiment — without the light to contrast against it, darkness gets boring pretty quickly.”


1991 brought us many momentous events: the first Gulf War, the fall of the Soviet Union, the end of apartheid, and the release of the final book in the Empires trilogy. (Curiously, that last one takes up much less space in the history books than the others.)